Leave It To The Kids

Editor's note:  How any of us keep our sanity these days is a question I ponder each day.  Between the confusion and mis-information about Covid 19, seven months of claims that Donald Trump got more votes than Joe Biden last November and that January 6 was a "love in"...

Readers Say, “Get Your Shots”

I am always pleased to hear from readers--even those who disagree with me.  But lately, every one I hear from is just like I am--dismayed that people have resisted getting vaccinated against covid-19.  Many are old enough to recall when polio swept the countryside....

Fox News Has No Shame, No Soul, No Scruples

Lord have mercy on those misguided souls who honestly believe there is value in watching Fox News.  There is none since the truth is the farthest thing from their mind. The Fox business mantra is obviously, "there is a suckier born every minute"  who will believe...

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