It was a Saturday.  I was at the Mobile Infirmary in a waiting room studying German, having just begun my 4th quarter at Auburn.  I was waiting on my son Kevin to make his first appearance in this world.

The doctor had predicted that he would be born in late December, but sometimes doctors and Mother Nature don’t read from the same play book. I well remember being taken to the nursery to see him for the first time.  He was there among eight or ten other newborns.  Others were also looking at what the stork had just delivered and I heard plenty of, “why he has his daddies nose” or “she looks just like her mother.”

Kevin just looked like a brand new baby to me, all red and puffy with no resemblance to anyone I knew.

It is hard to believe that has now been 55 years ago.  But indeed it has.

He was a smart little fellow.  Attended a school for gifted in Birmingham and later was invited to attend the new Alabama School for Fine Arts.  He has always read about anything he could get his hands on.  I have often said that he is far more well-read than I will ever be.  And my sister just says, “Don’t ever play Trivial Pursuit with Kevin.”

He is an excellent writer and I’m proud to occasionally share some of his words on this blog site.  Unfortunately, we had no clue 55 years ago that his body harbored a genetic defect that would cause severe respiratory issues as he aged.

I enjoy conversations with him.  Politically we think very much alike.  And we certainly share the same allegiance to any athletic team that wears orange and blue.

But mostly I am just proud to be his father.  Even if his turning 55 does mean I am about to be 76.

I love you Kevin.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!.