Members of the Morgan County Education Association gathered recently for some holiday season fun and fellowship.  There was laughter, hugs, food, best wishes for a grand season and even a speech by an old fat guy.  (No. not Santa.)

Three guests, Tammy Slappey, June Landrum and John Edington of Alabama Credit Union, were there as well.  They are part of the “Secret Meals” program run by members of the credit union.  This is an effort to provide food for indigent children in the area,  Since educators know first hand how hunger can impact learning, many local school system employees use monthly payroll deductions to support Secret Meals.

So Slappey, Landrum and Edington knew they were at the holiday gathering for a special reason.  To get a check from MCEA.  But they didn’t know for how much.

Needless to say, they were shocked when MCEA president, Rona Blevins, counselor at Danville Neel elementary, gave them a check for $10,000.

Their smiles lit the room as this was far more than they expected.

According to the Food Bank of North Alabama, nearly one in four children across the Tennessee Valley region are “food insecure.”  It costs
$160 to provide food for one child for each weekend of the year.  So that $10,000 check is a big boost for Secret Meals.

There were no TV cameras there to record this event, nor a newspaper reporter.  It was just another quiet example of real people doing real things to make this world better.  The folks in Washington D.C. could learn something from the good people of Morgan County.