Anyone who doesn’t believe this has never listened to Fox News’ pundit Tucker Carlson.

I watched the President’s speech about Covid relief on Fox.  Carlson came on immediately afterwards to give his thoughts.  He first called the speech “bizarre.”  It was not the most  dynamic thing I’ve heard with soaring phrases and such.  But it was about vaccinations of all things–not saving the Alamo.  The only thing bizarre is that someone thinks Tucker Carlson has something worth saying.

Little Tucker said the President did not say anything about Donald Trump.  You mean things like he made fun of those who wore masks, that he said Covid was a hoax, would go away by summer or that maybe if we drank a glass of bleach we would be OK?

Of course, Carlson brought on the wrath of military leaders a few days ago by maligning females in the military (something Carlson knows nothing about because he never served.).

Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth, who was in the war in Iraq where she lost both her legs in a helicopter crash and is a Purple Heart recipient, was very blunt in her assessment of Carlson.

“F%^$ Tucker Carlson,” she said.

Interesting enough, Larry Hogan, Republican governor of Maryland praised Biden’s speech, saying he is addressing the needs states have to combat the pandemic.  But then, Hogan has first-hand experience in doing battle with the virus–something Carlson does not have.

And what about Alabama’s brand new senator Tommy Tuberville.

He said, “It’s a progressive giveaway and a heist of taxpayers’ money. When we have to borrow this much money we are digging our country deeper into debt…. Our kids and grandkids are going to owe more money to countries like China.”

Strange that when Tubs was running for the senate in 2020 he never once mentioned that under Donald Trump the national debt was the largest in history.  Obviously he just got concerned about debt when a Democrat became president.

Tuberville said he did support the $1,400 stimulus checks and “giving businesses help,” but the ‘best thing is to get back open, get businesses back open, kids back in school.”

What the heck does Tuberville think the purpose of this bill is if not to do those things?

It’s all just another example of the games that go on in Washington and another example of why people have so little faith in those who would call themselves “leaders.”