Some of my good and faithful readers recall what seems like a decade ago when I told you my tale of preparing to get dentures for all the teeth I had.  That meant sitting in the dentist’s chair for more than four hours on April 13.  I had no idea what I was getting into–and contline to endure.  This means this has now gone on for more than 22 weeks.

That means 22 weeks of almost no solid food, except some grilled fish.  It means way more liquids than anything else.  While milkshakes can sound yummy from time to time, too much of anything becomes wearisome.  Honey buns and chocolate milk even lose their appeal.  My sister urged me to get bean protein powder to get some nutrition.  OMG.  How foul?

Waking up every morning and trying to figure out what you can gulp down is no fun.  You lose your appetite for things you’ve eaten all your life..  My insurance company sent me 14 pureed meals.  I think 12 of them went in the trash.

The gums are now healed.  Thank goodness.  But “gumming” stuff to death is not very satisficing.

I have made some really dumb decisions before, but I think this was the dumbest.  The dentist swears that I had no real choice.  If it were now early April, we would find out.

I’m told that there is now light at the end of tunnel and I should have the permanent dentures within a few weeks.

In the meantime, I will keep on gumming.