I spent 30 minutes in the reception area of a middle school somewhere in Alabama yesterday.  It was basically bedlam.  Pre-schoolers scooting to and fro, mamas frantically looking for info about which school their child is supposed to attend, the phone ringing off the hook, harried front office folks trying hard to make sense of it all.

No doubt is was a scene repeated at school after school when a new year gets underway.

So how to best cope?

Humor goes a very long way as we see in this email one of my favorite principals of a fantastic school sent to all of her staff.

“Thank you for your cooperation during the fire drill that was held this afternoon. It took 2 minutes and 7 seconds to evacuate the building completely. Not bad for the 3rd day of school. Please remember to close the classroom door as you leave, assign this task to a student. You should have taken your roll or Red Alert Manual (probably not up to date just yet) or something so that you were able to make sure all of your students were outside. I’m sure each grade level looked out for the other grade level members to make sure all of your grade level had exited the building.

Due to the testing in the morning and an additional test to be given this afternoon, we held this drill while 4 classes were at lunch. 3 kindergarten classes and 1 3rd grade class. 

Well you might be interested to find out that one Capri Sun and a small bag of Oreos made it out of the building safely in the hands of a kindergarten student. They also made it back into the building. In addition to the drink and cookies – two lunchboxes were saved along with one kindergartner who saved his trash as well. Good job kindergarten teachers – our students know what is important – FOOD!

Again, thanks to all of you during this very important safety drill.”


I often say that those called to work with children are doing the Good Lord’s work.  And thank goodness, he also gives some a sense of humor to deal with it all.