From time to time I have mentioned my son Kevin who lives in Mobile and writes for Lagniappe.  (The most recent being his frustration at trying to get Covid shots.  Fortunately he got his second last Saturday.)

He is an excellent writer and a relentless researcher.  He will try to move heaven and earth to come up with needed facts, etc.  People occasionally offer nice words for my own writing and I always tell them that the real writer in this tribe is Kevin.  He is far more learned that I am.  He has woofed down books since about the age of five.  I can remember him patiently reading to his little sister (two years younger.) before he enrolled in school.

He is excellent at revisiting old crime scenes and refreshing our memory with both old and new facts.  And so it is with the story carried on the front page last Sunday, of The Daily Beast, a national on-line publication.  He wrote about a lynching in Mobile 40+ years ago and the dogged effort of one policeman to solve the case.

Treat yourself to a few minutes of really excellent and interesting writing by going here.