I have long thought that “most wheels have been invented.”  So I have spent many, many years looking for them.  In other words, what was someone doing that was worthy of being shared with others.

My first job out of Auburn University, back about the time the earth cooled, was as an associate editor at Progressive Farmer magazine in Birmingham.  If most farmers were growing one bale of cotton an acre and I discovered someone who consistently grew two bales, then he was a good story.  As I said, I was looking for wheels that had been invented.”

Which is all a very wordy introduction to this idea from a middle school in Dallas, TX that you can read about in this article from the Washington Post.

Billy Earl Dade middle school has about 900 students, 90 percent from low-income families.  When they planned a “Breakfast with Dads” about 150 male students signed up.  However, there was concern that some of them would not have a male figure to join them.  So a call went out for help.

When a young person sees someone other than their teacher take interest in them, it inspires them.  That’s what we want to see happen,” the Rev. Donald Parish Jr., pastor of True Lee Missionary Baptist Church and the event organizer, told the Dallas Morning News.

Social media was used to call for volunteers.  And nearly 600 men showed up to help the day of the event.

Several years ago an elementary principal in Selma told me that his school regularly did what they called “Donuts with Dad” for their male students.  It was a huge success.

In today’s world, such activities can make a big impact.  Long ago “communities” and “schools” were virtually one and the same.  We’ve lost that and desperately need it again.  Some folks in Dallas understand that.  Lots of folks in Alabama could learn from them.