We all get packages delivered to our door, particularly during this time of pandemic.  For me it is usually a book or some of the too many pills the doctors have prescribed.

So when I saw the recent package, I figured here is another book.  Then I looked and it was from William Jones of Bay Minette.  I was curious because if I have met Mr. Jones, I’ve forgotten about it.  (Definitely not uncommon at age 78 I might add.)  As I began to unwrap the box’s contents, I was really surprised.

Because to my delight and amazement, I found two pint jars of fig preserves very carefully wrapped.  And this written neatly on a card:


Quite some time back, you mentioned in your blog your love of fig preserves.  I thought at the time that I should send you some  of my 80 year-old grandmother’s, but I got busy and forgot.  In November, I left my job at Daphne High to join Dr. Melissa Shield’s team at the Alabama State Department of Education.

In conversation the other day she mentioned you, and I remembered my plan to send you figs.  I must admit convincing my grandmother to relinquish these from her canning pantry was no easy task.  These figs were grown from her own trees in Bay Minette.  I hope you enjoy!”

Talk about making my day?  Wow.

I indeed recall once writing about my love for figs and how mother made the best biscuits in the world to stuff with a couple of preserves and wash down with a glass of milk.  I also related my efforts to find fig preserves and turning to the internet where I found some, but not like the ones I put in mama’s biscuits.

And I certainly know my friend Melissa Shields and consider her one of the top educators in Alabama.

I quickly fired off an email to William and told him to thank grandma–profusely.  Which he said he did and she was very pleased.

I hope to meet William one of these days and thank him in person.  And even better, I would like to hug grandma’s neck, just in case she might have another pint jar tucked away.

We should all take a lesson from William and do something special for someone.  (If that includes sending me more figs, I will be glad to give you my address.)