Recently I did a short piece about Medal of Honor winner Bennie Adkins of Opelika being a victim of the coronavirus.  I largely relied on info that Troy Turner, editor of the Opelika-Auburn News, wrote.  In fact, it was Troy’s article that told me my friend of many years, Katie Lamar Jackson, collaborated with Adkins on a book, A Tiger Among Us.

I have now read the book.  You should to.

It’s largely the story of how 17 members of the Special Forces faced staggering odds against enemy troops in Viet Nam in March 1966 and how some of them made it back home.

To say it was HELL is an understatement.

It is hard to comprehend what dire circumstances Adkins and his mates faced.  Badly outnumbered, they fought for nearly two days and then spent four days hiding in the jungle before being airlifted to safety.  Adkins was wounded a number of times.

This happened on the second of three tours of duty in Viet Nam for Adkins.  The Medal of Honor is the highest recognition a serviceman may receive from the United States.  The first one was awarded in 1863.

I did not know Adkins.  I’m sorry for that.