With the absolute chaos at the state department of education, it is easy to forget that the real world goes on.  And this world consists of great friends who face their own real struggles.

One of whom is Dr. Brittany Larkin, a professor at Auburn University’s College of Education.  A native of Florida, she has had a front row seat to the many “education reforms” the Sunshine State has tried.  She has watched Jeb Bush become a huge proponent of ideas to change schools, regardless of the fact that good research shows them to be largely unworkable.

I have called on Brittany time after time to comment on legislation being proposed in Alabama and for her professional opinion about what makes common sense and what doesn’t.

But this message is not about Brittany Larkin the educator and researcher, it is about someone in a serious battle with cancer.  I know from personal experience that when the doctor sits you down and gives you the news about cancer, it gets your attention.  It did me for certain.  You think it’s all just a bad dream. No, this can’t be true.

And one reaction is to feel very, very alone.  You covet hugs and prayers and pats on the back from family and friends.

Here is Brittany’s most recent Facebook post about her situation:

“Today was my first trip to the cancer clinic in Opelika to check on my blood levels. They were very kind to me. I was sure I’d need a boost of something because I’ve been so achy and tired. BUT, I didn’t!  All my counts are good. Praise Jesus! My body is building itself back up. The achy is because my bones are generating new marrow to replace what the Chemo destroyed.

But even with all my minor aches and pains (my mouth is still the worse), I’m still so much better off than millions. I thank God for walking with me through this and I pray for those who have to handle so much more. I’ve been blessed with an awesome family who have helped me daily, neighbors and friends that have made our lives more rich with their continuing help with the kids, and a job that is beyond measure!

My department at Auburn University have run to my aid personally and professionally. Knowing I have their support through this time is a huge huge burden lifted. I mean having to worry about job security and insurance while going through this time could have been devastating. But, everyone has been a blessing to me. I cannot thank you all enough!”

So I ask you a personal favor.  Please take a moment and lift up Brittany with your thoughts and prayers.

And for those who might be so thoughtful to send her an email, here is her address.