As I write it is 5 p.m. on Thursday, April 19,2018 and educators around Alabama are going on high alert because by this time in 24 hours we should know who the state board of education has selected to be the new permanent state school chief.

The selection process begins at 10 a.m.tomorrow, April 20.  As we explained in this earlier post, you can have a ringside seat by pushing the correct buttons on your computer.

Candidates will be interviewed in alphabetical order.  Interviews will last one hour.  Each board member submitted two questions to the search firm, Ray & Associates.  They will select questions to be asked.  Mike Sibley, who heads the communications division at ALSDE will moderate and ask questions.  All candidates will be asked the same questions.

There will be a 15 minute break between interviews.  The search will follow a protocol for scoring they have used successfully for many years.

Vice-President of the board, Stephanie Bell, is confident the process chosen by the board is fair and equitable for each candidate.  And considering how the last search for this position unfolded, that is critically important to all board members

The four finalists are: Eric Mackey, who runs the School Superintendents of Alabama, Kathy Murphy, superintendent od Hoover city schools, Craig Pouncey, superintendent of Jefferson County schools and Robert Scott, former Commissioner of Education in Texas..

So grab the popcorn and pull up a chair.  The fun starts in just in just a few hours.

And don’t forget to say a special prayer for the governor and the eight board members as they contemplate this extremely important decision.