About a month ago, Jan. 29 to be exact, we commended Senate President Del Marsh for posting on Facebook that he wanted to set up a teacher advisory group to include educators from Calhoun, Clay and Talladega counties.  His FB post was Jan. 28.

This past week Senator Marsh mentioned this group again on the Senate floor as he was shepherding an amendment to the Alabama Accountability Act to a vote.  Now he has appeared on a political TV program and talked about his teacher group once more. See the program here.

However, though a number of teachers contacted his office and expressed their interest in being part of this effort, no one can find anyone who was asked to participate.

The idea first surfaced at a Jan. 19 meeting in Calhoun County attended by Senator Marsh, house members Randy Wood and K. L. Brown and 13 local educators from the Calhoun County and Jacksonville, Oxford and Anniston city systems.  I understand it was a good meeting with everyone being frank about current issues.  It was during this conversation that Senator Marsh mentioned having a teacher advisory group  The idea was warmly received.

Later several of these teachers submitted info as directed by the Marsh Facebook post.

Now, nearly a month later, and even though the senator has openly talked about his group, they appear to be in hiding.

Jennifer Brown, last year’s Alabama Teacher of the Year, has a Facebook page called Together We Can  A fellow teacher, Bryan Swift posted info there.  So Jennifer took to social media in search of the missing teachers.  She has tweeted and posted on Facebook.

Being tech-challenged, all I know to do is write on this blog.  But if you know of the possible whereabouts of any of them, you can send an emal to: larrylee133@gmail.com.

Do not call 911.  Yet.