Joe Toomey is principal at Mary Montgomery High School in Mobile County.  He recently put his back to the wall for a good cause—and even took a few pies to the face.

Mary Montgomery’s student council and a leadership class have undertaken projects to help fund education for underprivileged children in developing countries

Toomey’s students came to him with an idea: They could raise money by selling strips of duct tape that would be used to fasten him to the wall. They could raise even more by selling the opportunity to smash a pie in his face.

“They knew I would do it,” Toomey said. “The taping to the wall was no problem at all. The pie in the face was not the greatest experience just because it sours after a while. But overall, it was an easy thing. We were right out where the kids come out from the cafeteria, so it drew a big crowd. It was fun.”

Students paid $1 for a strip of duct tape to tape Toomey to the wall and $3 for a pie. Toomey estimated he took “35 or 40” pies to the face and said the students raised about $650, part of which will be used to cover her educational costs for two years for a young lady in Tanzania.

Toomey wasn’t the only principal to undergo the duct tape treatment recently. Clark-Shaw Magnet’s Mary Divincenzo also allowed her students to tape her to the wall as part of the school’s United Way drive. Clark-Shaw raised nearly $4,000 as part of Mobile County Schools’ system-wide pledge drive.

Of course, you can’t put a number or a letter grade to things such as this, but going above and beyond like these principals did is still a integral part of the education process and establishing the culture of a learning community.

Hey.  Wonder how much money we could raise by taping the governor and some legislators to a wall?  And do we have enough duct tape in Alabama to meet the demand?