The Network for Public Education was created several years ago by Dr. Diane Ravitch, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education and the country’s most recognized voice supporting public education.  (I was invited by Ravitch to be a charter NPE board member and served for two years.)

This organization has put together a 28-page Toolkit that does an excellent job of explaining school privatization efforts around the country.  You can access it here.

From the introduction:

“There are those like Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and President Donald Trump, however, who believe that education should be a marketplace where each parent competes for “the best deal” for their own child. They want a shotgun approach with public schools, charter schools, voucher schools, private schools and online virtual schools all vying for children and tax dollars. And they claim that if we allow private interests to make money from taxpayer dollars dedicated to education, with minimal oversight, students will be best served.

They are wrong. These ideas are not innovative—many have been around for decades. In the states that embrace them, we find parallel school systems that squander taxpayers’ dollars. In freewheeling “choice” states like Florida, Arizona and Nevada, conflicts of interest and opportunities for fraud are baked into lax laws designed to advantage owners and investors, not children. All the while precious dollars are drained from the public schools that 90% of American children attend.

The evidence is in. We know that the privatization of public education, now disguised in many forms, has serious negative consequences for students, parents, and educators and taxpayers.

Time is short. If our public education system is shattered , it will be nearly impossible to restore. Make no mistake–that is the goal of those who believe in the privatization of public schools. It is time to educate friends and neighbors and push back.”

This is a MUST READ for any supporter of the 730,000 students in Alabama public schools.