We’ve all seen countless examples of children making an effort to make this world a better place.  Each one touches our heart.  And so will this story about seven-year Alden Young of the Birmingham suburb of McCalla who raised $1,000 to buy pack packs and supplies for students at his elementary school.  Here is how television station 33/40 told Alden’s story:

“Aiden Young has been ready for school to begin for months. When he returned to McAdory Elementary School for the first time Wednesday it was to make sure his classmates would be ready too.

Young walked into the building draped with brand new backpacks. The backpacks were purchased thanks to the seven-year-old’s determination and some lemonade.

Aiden Young raised over a $1,000 in lemonade sales. The 7-year-old used the money to donate backpacks to classmates at McAdory Elementary School. (Stephen Quinn | abc3340.com)

Aiden’s mother said it started after her son spotted a box of Crayon’s at Walmart. Aiden decided to use a lemonade stand to raise the money he needed for the crayons. The result was something even sweeter. Aiden successfully raised more than a $1,000 with the stand.

“There are definitely families that their parents or grandparents are out of jobs right now and so I think that has boosted the needs that we previously had.”

The backpacks were filled with school supplies for the age of COVID-19 including hand sanitizer and headphones for virtual learning.

Brenae Young hopes her son has learned a lasting lesson which goes beyond the classroom.

“I truly believe if you give out or give to others in need than it will come back full circle for you.”

McAdory Elementary School encourages students to be ‘world changers.’ Aiden appears ready to do just that.

“I feel like when all of this is over and all of that I feel like the world is going to be a whole different place, like with people loving each other and all in the streets,” said Aiden standing in the lobby of his elementary school, “A lot of things are going to be happening.”

Editor’s note:  Go here to see the story as it appeared on air.  It is impossible to learn of someone like Alden without contrasting it to the endless examples we are bombarded with every day of politicians and their campaigns trying to bully us with their accusations of how evil others are.  May God continue to bless Alden Young and so many more like him.