Sidney Powell (female) is one of the attorneys who made headlines last November claiming that Donald Trump lost the election because of fraud.  She had some extremely harsh things to say about Dominion Voting Systems, a company very involved in the national vote count.

The company didn’t like it and filed a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit against Powell.

So Powell’s own attorneys have now put forth her defense.

Hold onto your hat because here is where it gets bizarre–even for Washington.

The lawyers are saying that Powell’s claims were so outlandish and untrue that anyone with half a brain should not have believed them and therefore Dominion could not be harmed.

In other words, if you holler “fire” in the movie and no one sees flames or smells smoke they should ignore you and stay in their seats.  And since they did this, you did nothing wrong.

So if you are going to tell a lie, make it a whooper, not a white lie.

However, while Powell is now claiming that her claims of fraud were untrue and without merit, Trump continues to push the narrative that his election was stolen.

I could write on the head of a pin what I know about being an attorney.  But I do know that somewhere in there is supposedly a call to be ethical.  And when someone like Sydney Powell knowingly lies to the public seems they have crossed an ethical line and should be disbarred.

Is it no wonder that so many of us just shake our head at the Washington circus and bemoan the fact that integrity and honor and truthfulness are ignored by so many who want us to refer to them as “leaders?”