Tracey Meyer is a familiar name to many in Alabama education circles.  She worked at the state department of education for almost two decades and for years was the “go to” person in working with the legislature.  She did an excellent job of tracking legislation and giving educators a heads up as to what was happening in the state house.

She was tenacious and had a great relationship with members of both the House and Senate.  During sessions she normally worked into the night on Fridays getting out a roundup of that week’s activities  This was invaluable to many.

However, one of the first moves of new state superintendent Eric Mackey was to eliminate her position and she is no longer in the Gordon Persons building where ALSDE is housed.  (Considering how public education has been treated in the statehouse in the last few years, you have to scratch your head at the wisdom of abolishing this slot.)

Tracey is the very proud mom of two boys, both in public school in Prattville.  Now she has taken the plunge into the world of the blogosphere.

She is a positive advocate for our public schools and,you can see her first article here.

I encourage you to check it out.  No doubt she will put her insight into the education legislative process to good use, as well as some musings about being the mother of two active boys.