This is not easy to write. The reason being that I spent 6+ hours on zoom today watching the state charter school commission hold another session about Woodland Prep charter, in Washington County.

It was sickening to say the least. Woodland Prep brought in one witness after another who had nothing but contempt for the folks of Washington County

The purpose of this meeting was to hear pro and con arguments as to whether or not the charter for Woodland Prep (that was granted two years ago this month) should be revoked.

At the end of the day we heard from the contractor who had nice charts about rainfall, the school leader (who is the only employee), someone who works part time for the school (and had to quit her church because people were mean to her), the board chair who does not live in the county and takes his kids to private school in Mississippi, a woman from McIntosh who has no kids in school, a former educator who has no kids in school, a businessman who has kids in public school, a brand new board member who lives in Utah, like Salt Lake City. And Mike Morley, founder of American Charter Development also in Utah, the company who owns the building and is paying all the bills.

At the end of the day, they were all victims who have been bullied and mistreated by the redneck masses of the county. they are just concerned about bringing good schools to Washington County. (that includes the board member from Utah who has never been to the county.)

Morley was a legislator in Utah for 10 years.  He is “slick.” even though he can’t keep his stories straight. For example he said his company did not get involved with Woodland Prep until their charier was approved.  He apparently forgot his company helped prepare the application.

He was also asked did it concern him that the National Association of Charter School Authorizers rejected the application partly on how lacking their budget plans were.(plans his company helped develop)  He said it did not because a charter should not have to depend on outside money.  This seemed unusual since one of his vice presidents put together Woodland Prep’s fund-raising plans.  So why does a company spend money on something that is meaningless?

Yes, I am biased, but it was a rag tag effort.  And tax payers from this state should not be treated with such disdain as they were today  It was sickening.

Oh. The outcome? Stay tuned. The charter commission will have another meeting on June 9 to decide what to do.

This is how we should conduct state business? Of course not, but who am I?