We posted a few days ago about the fact that some of the private schools competing against public schools for basketball state titles have quite a number of Alabama Accountability Act scholarships.  In fact, of the six schools vying to be state champs in divisions 1 A, 2 A and 3 A, four of them are private schools.  Only one of the privates does not participate in the AAA scholarship program.

As you can imagine, anything pertaining to sports stirs up interest.  This post certainly did, reaching thousands of people on Facebook.  Emails came from all over, including one state representative who feels strongly that private schools and public schools should not compete against one another..

Thursday morning Decatur Heritage will play St. Luke’s in 1 A.  Friday will be the finals in 2 A for Sacred Heart Cath9lic of Anniston vs. Coosa Central, as well as Plainview vs. Westminster Christian in 3 A.

Amazingly, Sacred Heart is going for their FIFTH state championship in a row.  Their first came in 2015 in 1 A, as did the next three.  This year they are competing in 2A.

Records showing how many scholarships individual schools have gotten are only publicly available back to the fall of 2015.  In the fall of 2015 Sacred Heart had 60 scholarships; in 2016 they had 72; in 2017 the number was 60 and last fall they had 47.  That’s a total of 239 scholarships.

St. Luke’s Episcopal is next with 160 during the same time frame.  Decatur Heritage only has a total of three.  Westminster Christian does not participate in the AAA program.

Conclusion?  You can draw your own.