John Archibald of is probably Alabama’s most read columnist.  He is certainly one of the best and one who takes delight in skewering politicians.

He recently aimed his pen at the RAISE Act and wasted no time in getting to the point that RAISE is bad business for both students and taxpayers.

Here is his first salvo:

Alabama politicians say they’re about to save education. Again.

So run for the hills. Hide your teachers and children.

It’s gonna get ugly.

Granted, it’s hard to know just yet the full extent of the damage this bill can do. The Rewarding Advancement in Instruction and Student Excellence Act, or RAISE Act of 2016, is still early in the legislative process.  It will surely change. But the early drafts look like a big chunk of trouble.

It is called the RAISE Act, for starters, a name straight out of the Legislature’s Ironic and Antithetical  Rebranding Simulator (LIARS).

Here are the rest of his comments.  I think at least 99 percent of the teachers in Alabama agree with him.