Now that the latest “Marsh Monster”, otherwise known as SB119 has passed the state senate, it will move downstairs to the House of Representatives.  As you probably know, this is the bill to repeal the Alabama College & Career ready academic standards and insure that this great state is in no way, shape or form, tainted by anything that does not spring from our own soils.

(Does this mean the University of Alabama’s football team should denounce all those national championships since they involved competing against non-Alabama teams?  And what about all those Federal tax dollars that pour into Alabama at a far more rapid rate than we send dollars to Washington?  Surely this money is tainted and should not soil the hands of anyone in the Heart of Dixie.)

But I side track myself.

There is an Education Policy committee in the house, chaired by Republican Terri Collins of Decatur.  Vice-Chair is Danny Garrett of Jefferson County, a one-time member of the Trussville city school board.  There are 14 members of this committee with six of them being freshman.

Since this committee will be the first group of house members to debate SB119, they should also be the first people contacted by those who believe Senator Marsh is on the wrong track.  (Last week a principal talked to Marsh and asked him specifically what standard or standards does he object to.  He admitted that he had never looked at any of them.)

Here are the members of the Education Policy committee and the best email address I have for each.  I urge you to contact them and express your concern about the Marsh bill.

Republican Terri Collins, chair, Morgan County.

Republican Danny Garrett, Jefferson County

Democrat Rod Scott, Jefferson County

Democrat Anthony Daniels, Madison County

Republican Will Dismukes, Freshman, Autauga County

Democrat Barbara Drummond, Mobile County

Republican Brett Easterbrook, Freshman, Washington County

Republican Tracy Estes, Freshman, Marion County 

Republican Bob Fincher, Randolph County

Republican Wes Kitchens, Marshall County

Democrat Tashina Morris, Freshman, Montgomery County 

Republican Kerry Rich, Marshall County

Republican Proncey Robertson, Freshman, Lawrence County

Shane Stringer, Freshman, Mobile County