We’ve all had a moment when we felt totally betrayed.  Maybe it was someone we called our best friend, perhaps a team mate or class mate or someone at church.

They pulled the rug out from under us.  Totally unexpected.  The last thing we ever thought would happen. .

It was devastating, stunning, shook us to the core.

Yet, this is what happened on August 11 to every Alabama public school student, teacher, principal, support person and local school board member when four members of the State Board of Education and the Governor picked a new state superintendent from out of state with no formal education training to head our state school system.


I can not find a single educator who asked a state board member to support the person they hired.  A person who could not be hired as a local superintendent because they lack the proper qualifications.

In fact, board member Betty Peters (who was one of five yes votes) was asked after the selection by a local superintendent if any educators asked her to vote as she did.  Her reply, “No, because none of them knew him.”

In other words, I know more than any educator does.

It is bad enough when the legislature will not listen to educators (remember the infamous Alabama Accountability Act of 2013 when the Senate Pro Tem boasted afterwards that this was kept hidden from educators because “they might have opposed it.”)

But when the State Board of Education, the VERY people who are charged with supporting public schools, embraces the same attitude, we have hit rock bottom.

Alabama code says that the State Board of Education shall seek in every way to direct and develop public sentiment in support of public education.

But more than 4,000 people signed a petition asking the board to not hire the person they picked.  And of the more than 1,250 people who responded to a survey, 91 percent opposed the hire and 64 percent gave the state school board a failing grade.

Obviously the state board is not fulfilling their obligation required by law to the citizens of this state.

Because of this, a group of 40 plaintiffs, including former local superintendents, principals, teachers, school board members, parents, local elected officials, a former college president and a former U.S. Congressman have joined together to seek legal action against the state school board.

They said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and formed the Alabama Public School Defense Fund to wage this battle.

This action is not about the new superintendent, instead it is about school board members ignoring Alabama Code and their own advertised required qualifications and putting their own ideology and political ambitions ahead of the 740,000 children in our public schools.

This HAS to stop.  Members of the state school board keep telling us to “trust them.”  They have betrayed that trust.  Good and decent people HAVE to unite

We need your help.  Please stand up for our children by going to this site and contributing today to fight this battle.


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