No doubt it was bound to happen.  The moment when my reputation as a wise ole owl spread far beyond Alabama.  In fact, all the way to California.

So at 4:30 p.m. central standard time this afternoon, Feb. 8, I will be interviewed on KPFA in Berkeley, CA.  Dr. Kitty Epstein has a radio show called EDUCATION TODAY and I will be her guest to discuss the Alabama Accountability Act.

Goggle tells me that KPFA is the first community supported radio station in the county  It began in 1949..

She called last night to chat for a moment.  I warned her that because of my pronounced southern drawl, she may need an interpreter to explain to her listeners what I am saying,.

if you are interested in listening, go to this link

You will see “listen live’ in the upper left hand corner

Who will it be next?  The Today show perhaps?.