The state board of education will interview six candidates for the position of state school superintendent on Thursday, August 4th in Montgomery.

This meeting will be held in a room on the eight floor of the Retirement Systems of Alabama headquarters at 201 South Union Street, Montgomery.  According to the press release about the event, “Limited seating will be available.  Meeting will be streamed live.”  Two sources have told me there is seating for only about 60 people in this room.

(I went to this building in hopes of seeing the meeting space myself but was not allowed to go to the eighth floor for “security” reasons.  Normally board meetings are held in the auditorium at the Gordon Person building where seating is available for 200+ people.  I have been unable to find out why the Aug. 4th meeting is being held in such a small room.)

The board will convene at 8:30 a.. with the first interview scheduled for 9 a.m.  Here is the lineup of candidates:

9–Dee Fowler, superintendent of Madison City schools

10–Craig Pouncey, superintendent of Jefferson County schools

11–Jeana Ross, Secretary, Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education


1:30–Michael Sentence, education consultant

2:30–Janet Womack, superintendent of Florence City schools

3:30–Williamson Evers, research fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University

The next regularly scheduled board meeting is August 11.  The board will select their top candidate at this time.