THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all who sent an email note or commented on FB about the article son Kevin wrote about the quilts he recently received.  I got dozens and dozens.  Kevin definitely touched many hearts with this well-written piece.

And me being a male and therefore clueless about many things, I had no idea about the array of emotions quilts cause.  Most especially among females.  Many who wrote talked of how they remember playing in the room while their grandmother and her fiends quilted, or how someone took the time to show them how to sew a very specific pattern.

One high school classmate asked how it felt to be known as Kevin Lee’s daddy.  I can think of no greater accolade.

When you pass by Paducah, KY on I-24, you see a sign pointing out the direction to the National Quilting Museum to travelers.  (II passed it on my recent Wisconsin trip.)  I need to stop one day.


Each Friday my buddy, Gary Dan Williams, principal at Waterloo school in Lauderdale County, sends out his Friday Focus.  The one for this week includes an outstanding video tribute to teachers.  You can find it here.

Take a couple of minutes to watch.  Thought provoking.  And then share with an educator just to let them know you appreciate what they do each school day.