Editor’s note: Earlier this week the Coffee County school board passed the followwing resolution:

Resolution Recommending “No” Vote On Amendment One

Whereas, Alabama voters will be asked to approve or disapprove Amendment One during the Presidential primary of March 3, 2020, and

Whereas, a Yes vote will take away the right of Alabama citizens to vote for members of the state board of education and allow the Governor and members of the state senate to hand-pick board members, and

Whereas, this board would also select a “Secretary of Elementary and Secondary Education,” and

Whereas, the citizens of Alabama approved a constitutional amendment in 1969 to eliminate an appointed state school board after extensive study showed that such a board had serious limitations, and

Whereas, an appointed board would not answer to citizens, local school boards or local education administrators, but instead, to their appointing authority, and

Whereas, the approval of Amendment One would deny the right to vote to elect the state board of education to all citizens of the state:

Now, therefore, be it resolved, that the Coffee County Board of Education strongly urges all citizens of our county to vote against Amendment One and reject this attempt to deny our citizens the right to elect their representatives on the state board of education.