Coming in at number five for 2015 is another post about the governor’s appointment of Matt Brown to the State Board of Education.  This was posted on July 19 and had 4.375 views.

The post recounted reaction to the appointment.  I was swamped with emails and phone calls.  One called it “the pathetic abuse of an office.”  A school superintendent said, “the storm clouds keep rolling in.”  A local school board member told me, “It’s a sad day for Alabama.”  Someone in Baldwin County posted on Facebook, “I am freaked.  I am furious.  But we are powerless.”  A Republican legislator said in an email, “Very concerning to all educators is an understatement.”

We also pointed out that while Brown was running the Eastern Shore MPO they published a report showing that because of rapid growth, the Baldwin County system will need to add 16 to 20 new schools in coming years.  AND THEN TURNED AROUND AND BEGAN WORKING TO DEFEAT A PROPOSAL TO RAISE FUNDING FOR NEW SCHOOLS.

Brown will be running for the State Board seat on March 1, 2016.  The fact that he drew a total of five opponents is indication that concern about his appointment has not abated.