The “hottest” topic on this blog in 2015 was the governor’s appointment of Matt Brown of Baldwin County to the State Board of Education.  Posted on July 27, this post got 3,880 views.

Since Brown was front and center in the effort to defat a school tax vote last March, his appointment was met with instant disproval from Baldwin County educators.  One longtime principal told me he considered it “a slap in the face.”

This post took a look at how quickly the Baldwin County system is growing (the equivalent of one elementary school a year) and the impact of the tax failure.  The county has more portable classrooms than any system in the state, except Mobile, which has double the number of students.  They add another 17 portables last summer.

While Matt Brown has often said that he has no regrets for “saving taxpayers from $1 billion in new taxes,” he never says that he is glad Baldwin County has so many students going to school in tin cans.  Nor does he mention that the tax “savings” were  over the next 30 years and that because the school system now has no way of financing a bond issue for new construction they will continue to struggle to meet space requirements and that long term, the “savings” will be gobbled up by escalating construction costs.

Where I come from, that is called “penny wise and pound foolish.”  But hey, never let reality stop a good political “sound bite.”