selma-1 torchbearer 059-minWe’ve now reached No. 4 on the list of most read blog posts in 2015.  This one (Is The Tipping Point Near?) went on-line on August 5th and got 4,614 views.

I wondered what it will take for the people of Alabama to come to the point where they demand the leadership of the legislative supermajority finally admit that they know very little about what is best for Alabama schools and students, demand they will stop taking marching orders from Washington think thanks and other “outsiders” and listen to our homegrown  experts who run Alabama schools and teach in Alabama classrooms.

We looked at what this crowd has done to education since 2013.  Passed the Alabama Accountability Act that has diverted more than $60 million for public schools while giving scholarships to more than 1,000 students already enrolled in private schools.  Amended this same act so that we now can divert $30 million a year and give up to $10,000 for a private school high school scholarship while we give about $6,000 to a public school high school student.

Passed a charter school bill that creates more education bureaucracy that allows non-certified teachers in schools and allows a politically-appointed state commission to overrule local school boards.  Took $80 million out of the Education Trust Fund this year to  prop up the General Fund.

Along with all of this, the governor appointed someone to the State Board of Education who worked against giving his local schools adequate funding to meet local needs.

I concluded by saying that I believe that if we could find just one mother for each school in the state, give them good and well-researched info and ask them to sit down with their legislator, we would be on our way to getting attention.

Finally, I asked those who are willing to stand up and be counted to let me know.

I heard from a number of good folks.  But would love to hear from more.  You can reach me: