Last summer Governor Bentley stunned the education community in Alabama by naming Matt Brown of Baldwin County to a vacant seat on the state board of education–ignoring the fact that Brown never attended a public school and had worked hard to defeat a vote on increasing funding of Baldwin County schools last March.

We blogged several times about all of this.  And each post drew a substantial number of views.  This one (Why the Matt Brown “Case” Ain’t About Matt Brown) was posted on July 21 and had 1,360 views at last count.

My contention was that this appointment was simply the latest example of public officials demeaning the education community.  How do you choose someone to sit on the policy making board for public education whose only known involvement in public education is working against it?

Would the governor appoint someone to a medical board of some sort who worked to deny funding to hospitals?  I think it’s unlikely.

Brown has to run for election to the state board in the March 1, 2016 primary.  The fact that he drew five opponents (four Republican and one Democrat) is testimony to the fact that many others were not overjoyed with his appointment either.