Some of us who read this blog are old enough to remember when disc jockey Casey Kasem hosted his weekly, American Top 40.  We would tune in while he counted down the top tunes of the time, ending with that week’s number one hit.

So with a tip of the hat to Casey and times gone by when music from the 1950s was not considered “oldies,” we’ll take a look at the 10 most read posts on this blog since it began back in April.

No. 10–

This one had 1,248 views and was about Rep. Ed Henry of Morgan County and some of his notions.  One being that we should abolish the State Department of Education, which he claimed, “would save the state $1 billion.”  Of course, he didn’t say how this would be accomplished.  He also declared that the state agency does not do anything that isn’t already done at the local level.

But he forgot to do his homework before he spoke.  For instance, he voted for the Alabama Accountability Act which requires a great deal of administrative duties by both the state education department and the department of revenue and has required countless hours of writing regulations and trying to track paperwork.  After all, someone has to keep up with the more than $60 million dollars in tax credits handed out for big business tax breaks and diverted from the Education Trust Fund.

Same situation with charter schools, which Henry also supported.  This bill created more state bureaucracy, set up a charter school commission that is not answerable to voters and created a mechanism whereby the state can overrule the wishes of a local school board.