On June 13, 2015 we blogged about the Alabama Accountability Act and that the fact info from the Alabama Department of Revenue showed more than 1,000 students who were already enrolled in private schools received scholarships in 2014.  This means we spent at least $4 million to give to private schools for children who did not leave a “failing school,” even though we were told repeatedly when this law was passed that it was all about helping students in “failing schools.”

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Of course, promoters of AAA continue to claim it is the best thing since sliced bread.  However, it is interesting that those who speak out loudest are those who have skin in the game.  They are either employees of a scholarship granting organization who keep five percent of the money they collect for scholarships to pay for salaries and marketing campaigns or work for one of the private schools getting scholarship funds.

And I have yet to see comments from the principal of a “failing school” talking about how much their school has been helped by this law.