My last post concerned my son in Mobile who has a severe respiratory issue and his frustration at trying to get a Covid-19 vaccine shot.

I am happy to report that he now has an appointment at a west Mobile Wal-Mart this coming Wednesday.  Let’s hope this happens..

And I certainly want to thank all the readers of this blog who got in touch with suggestions.  You were great and your help was very welcomed.  One thing I learned  is that it seems that shots  may be easier obtained in rural locations than urban ones.  I heard from folks mentioning Union Springs, Bayou La Batre and others.  Several also suggested that he try in Florida and Mississippi since they seem to have their act together better than Alabama.

I got my first shot in Montgomery on Friday at a first-come, first-served drive in clinic.  This ran Monday through Friday last week at the location of old Montgomery Mall.  A tip of the hat to all involved.  And there were a LOT of folks involved from what I saw.

I got in a long line of cars that snaked back and forth through the parking lot. Had no idea how many cars were there when I took my place.  Would guess 100 or more. Probably more.  And as we inched along, I figured it would take me at least two hours or more to be done.

However, I am glad to support that from the time I got in line until I got my shot was only 75 minutes.  We were held an additional 15 minutes to see if we had any reaction.  I did not.  In fact, to me it was just another shot.  No side effects t all.

I go back on March 5 to get my second dose.

Again, thanks so much to all who offered thoughts and suggestions..