Had my second shot (Pfizer) last Friday.  While some have had a little reaction to the second dose (like my sister), I had zero.  Jusr another shot.

Thankful for that.


Governor Kay Ivey is keeping Alabama’s mask mandate in place until early April.  Good for her.  I have simply not understood all the commotion about wearing a mask and infringing on people’s rights.

Motorcycle riders wear helmets in Alabama.  But I don’t hear politicians jumping up and down about this.  If we exceed 70 MPH on the interstate, we may get a ticket.  We are  supposed to slow down in school zones and stop for school buses.

Lt.  Gov. Will Ainsworth has been the most vocal to criticize Gov. Ivey about her mask mandate. But then since the Lt. Gov. has no real duties, can not introduce legislation or vote on a bill for instance, I guess he has nothing better to do than bitch and moan and do his best Donald Trump impression..

Truth is, I put for more stock into decisions Gov. Ivey makes than I do anything Ainsworth may say.  But then, there are lots of folks in this state I would listen to before I would the Lt. Gov.