Former state representative Craig Ford served several teems in the legislature representing Etowah County.  He was never accused of being shy.  And from 2010 to 2018, Phil Williams served from Etowah County in the state senate.

While the two represent the same folks at the same time, they seldom saw things in the same light.

This is starkly pointed out now by the fact that Williams is now Director of Policy Strategy for the Alabama Policy Institute, while Ford, as illustrated by this article, is vigorous opposed to API’s support of the Alabama Accountability Act.

Let’s hit some of the highlights in Ford’s article:

“In a recent editorial, the Alabama Policy Institute attempted to label four of the arguments against “school choice” as myths.

I guess that’s what you have to do when the truth doesn’t fit your agenda. But, the truth does need to be told, and the misinformation coming from the API needs to be corrected.

The first lie that API has been pushing really hard is that charter schools and the taxpayer-funded scholarship program are not taking money out of public schools. They attempt to validate this bogus argument by pointing out that funding for public education has increased over the last couple of years.

The truth is that public school funding increased because the economy got better and the state started collecting more sales taxes and other taxes.

The second lie that the API has told is that schools that don’t lose students, don’t lose money.

It is true that money follows the student and that if a student transfers out of a school, then that specific school will lose a portion of its budget, approximately $9,500 per student.

But what the API isn’t telling you is that the money that is being redirected out of the education budget to pay for the taxpayer-funded scholarship program comes off the top of the education budget.

The third lie being pushed by API is that students who have participated in the school choice programs are improving academically.

The truth is that a study conducted by the University of Alabama’s Institute for Social Science Research – and, ironically enough, paid for by the very scholarship granting organizations that run the taxpayer-funded scholarship program – proved that scholarship students did not perform any better on standardized tests than students in regular public schools.

The fourth and final lie coming from API is that only kids from failing schools are allowed to receive taxpayer-funded scholarships.

In this case, after originally labeling this truth as a “myth,” the API actually admitted that many – if not most – of the taxpayer-funded scholarships go to kids who aren’t in what the state defines as a “failing school.”

The Alabama Policy Institute and other “school choice” advocates are certainly entitled to their own opinions. But they are not entitled to their own facts. And the fact that they can’t sell their agenda without telling lies and misrepresenting the truth should be a huge red flag.”