Senator Ted Cruz didn’t just stir up a hornet’s next by running off to Cancun while millions of his Texas constitutes were being battered by a historic winter blizzard, he poured gas on the nest and set it on fire.

Late night comedians, editorial boards and both Republican and Democratic politicians have raked him over the coals

Cruz is a jerk.  Someone who never misses a chance to say something mean-spirited about any and everyone.  He was very vocal calling out the mayor of Austin, Steve Adler, when he left the country to attend his daughter’s wedding in Mexico.  He took shots at Chris Christie and Barack Obama..

He’s an equal opportunity ass when it comes to berating other politicians. Which is why he has been pummeled so much by his own misstep.  It is obvious that many of his fellow Republicans do not hold him in high esteem.

They know that all Cruz wants are headlines and sound bites on Fox News, not good government.

The only Republican I heard come to his defense is house member Matt Gatz of the panhandle of Florida.  And Gatz is as much a whack job as Cruz is.

Cruz wants to be President.. God spare us all.