The Decatur Daily is not timid in speaking their mind about public education, nor in calling out legislators when they feel it is deserved. Today they editorialize about the reaction of some legislators to the fact that the state board of education did not select members to the new charter school commission last week. (see earlier post Anyone Seen My Ball?)

The Daily refers to some legislators as “school-yard bullies.”

From their editorial, “So Collins’ (Representative Terri Collins of Decatur and chair of the House Education Policy Committee) threat to eliminate the board’s authority over the charter commission is merely a threat to make blatant what previously was concealed. The Legislature resents its elected counterparts on the Board of Education, and has never had any intention of including them in the charter school conversation

By all rights, legislators should be put in detention for their bullying ways. Unfortunately, the bullies run the schoolhouse”

Nothing I have observed in this legislation session causes me to take issue with this newspaper.