Larry Dichiara is hardly the “shy and retiring” type.  When he has an opinion, he will definitely share it with others.

And this is what happened when Govenor Bentley recently opined that Alabama “education sucks.”  DiChiara spent 35 years in education.  Coach, teacher, administrator and local superintendent were hats he wore during his career.  While he is no longer employed as an educator, he still has an education consulting firm and also hosts a noon radio show on WQSI in Auburn, he remains passionate about his profession.

He quickly took to social media with a letter to the governor that took him to task in no uncertain terms.  And as happened these days, this quickly zipped around the internet.  The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer soon ran this story.

And lo and behold, when the paper recently checked numbers to see how much readerships articles got for 2016, the story about DiCiara was No. One.  Here’s what the Ledger-Enquirer had to say about it.

“1. DiChiara to Alabama governor leaders: Have you all lost your damn minds?

With more than 600 shares and 300 likes on Facebook combined and nearly 75,000 page views, Larry DiChiara’s open letter on Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley comments about the state’s education system took first place for this year’s top story.

The letter followed Bentley’s remarks while speaking at a conference for the Alabama Association of Regional Councils that “our education system in this state sucks.” That statement made the rounds on Facebook before DiChiara posted his open letter.

DiChiara, the former superintendent for Phenix City Schools, wrote, “Have you all lost your damn minds? Do you even have a clue? Are you blind? Are you stupid? Do you even care about how your words impact our educators in this state…and ultimately the kids?”

Readers were quick to back DiChiara, praising him for not holding back on his feelings.”

This kind of response makes it easy to understand why only 1.5 percent of respondents to our recent suvery say they approve of the job the governor is doing.