With former Florida governor Jeb Bush warming up to become a Republican candidate for President in 2016, a lot of attention will be focused on his track record on education while governor.  Of all the candidates frothing at the mouth and raring to go, Bush is the one who will try to make the most hay from education “reforms” he launched while in Tallahassee.

In fact, since stepping down as governor, Bush has been crisscrossing the nation touting his version of how to improve education.  He created the Foundation for Excellence in Education (FEE) that has deployed “experts” far and wide to spread the Bush gospel.  They have even been to Alabama.

Remember that his brother George W. Bush entered the White House proclaiming a “Texas miracle” to turning education around in the Lone Star State.  However, over time this “miracle” was discounted as more “mirage” than anything else.

And thee are certainly many who feel that Jeb’s claims of success may be equally as hollow.  Here is one such account.