Even though it was endlessly hyped as the first of the 2020 presidential debates, what unfolded from Cleveland on Sept. 29 was anything but.  It was a sideshow, an aberration, an embarrassment.

Debates are serious occasions where policy is discussed so that those observing can make decisions.  They are not shouting matches with one participant trying to bully everyone else.

That was not the case Sept. 29.

And it was anything but presidential.  President Trump wanted to mud wrestle Joe Biden.  Perhaps he was channeling the days when he and professional wresting promoter Vince McMahon went through the charade of doing combat with each other before thousands of screaming fans.

Supposedly millions of Americans were tuned in when the event started.  How many were left 90 minutes later when it mercifully ended, I don’t know.  But I’m guessing a great number turned away.  After all, who wants to listen to fingernails being scraped across a black board for 90 minutes?

Who “won?”   The consensus of polls and comments by sundry pundits I’ve seen clearly favored Biden.  Which does not mean he did great, but considering the combative nature of President Trump and his unwillingness to play by the rules, Biden did not have a very high bar to jump over to outshine the other guy.

It was such a spectacle that the Commission on Presidential Debates is now saying they will make adjustments to the format before the next “debate” Oct. 15.  My suggestion is that they give someone a switch to kill the mike of a participant when they are speaking out of turn.

I recently had a post about how the image of this country is going rapidly downhill in other countries.  Is it any wonder after what happened Sept. 29?

We are often told how we should respect the office of the U.S. president.  I agree, however, this includes the person occupy8ing the office.  Donald Trump did not do this Sept. 29.

We constantly bemoan the state of politics and wonder what happened to statesmanship.  All we did on Sept. 29 was heighten the delusion with those who claim to lead us politically.

Because of this, the real loser Sept. 29 was every citizen of this country