After posting the piece about Republican candidates getting campaign contributions from the PAC, Alabama Voice of Teachers for Education, a number of emails showed up in my inbox with folks wondering what is going on and if giving to people who have traditionally fought public schools makes any sense.

The ONE thing all successful politicians have in common is that they can each count.  Doesn’t matter if they are Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, white or black, they know that most political battles are won by those with the most troops.  In Alabama these days, that means Republican and it’s easy to figure out that it is good to be friends \with those in charge.

There is no doubt that the quickest way to a legislator’s heart is through their pocket book.  Campaigns cost a lot of money, way too much in many cases.  Raising money for campaigns ain’t much fun.  I’ve done enough of it to know first hand.  So when someone offers to help, you are all ears.

For years I’ve understood that you best “dig where the taters are.”  Today, the Republicans in the state house have most of the taters.  AVOTE, and lots of others, have figured this out.  Makes perfect sense to me.

Think of a beach and the waves rolling in.  Every time a wave retreats, the beach has been changed in some small way.  That’s politics.  Always shifting and changing.  And so you either shift–or get washed away.