Last week, Soner Traim, spoke to the Texas version of the Alabama  charter school commission, seeking approval of eight new charter schools in Texas.  (As anyone reading this blog on a regular basis knows, Tarim has the management  contract for both the Woodland Prep charter school in Washington County and LEAD Academy in Montgomery.)

At  one point Tarim told the folks in Texas that math proficiency in Washington County schools is only two percent.  He even said such grades are “a crime.”  You can see for yourself by checking this video of the Texas meeting.  Go to the 61 minute mark.

However, I have a suggestion to Tarim.  He needs to go back and read the charter application Woodland Prep submitted to Alabama (which he says he prepared.) because he will find in plain view, right there on page 11, the following:

“Student Proficiency in Washington County

Student-to-Teacher Ratio : 16.4

4th Grade Students Proficient in Math : 47.8%

4th Grade Students Proficient in Reading : 27.2%

8th Grade Students Proficient in Math : 9.6%

8th Grade Students Proficient in Reading : 32.4%

High School Graduation : 90.8%”

Where is the two percent Tarim raves about?  And where do these numbers come from?  They do not agree with any source I can find.

Check this link to see what the state department of education says about Washington County.  When you do, you find that Washington County schools have a B rating, an 87 percent growth factor, a 93 percent graduation rate and a 35.81 percent math proficiency score.

Yes, math could be better.  But the fact the state says Washington County has improved math by 10 percentage points since 2014-15 is noteworthy.  And unlike Tarim, the people crunching numbers at the state department do not have a lucrative management contract and are not driven by money.

As far as “crime.”  The only crime in this sordid mess is that Soner Tarim is allowed to abuse the truth and not be challenged.