Some Talk, Larry Does

Some folks talk, talk talk about what they will do if they get on the MPS school board.

But when you ask them what they have done for schools, they can’t tell you anything,

That’s Not Larry Lee.

  • He did research on high poverty rural schools in Alabama to find why they succeed in the face of many challenges. He showed that good schools begin with good principals.
  • He chaired the state HIPPY (Home Instruction for Parents of Pre-school Youngsters) advisory board. This program serves 3,000 preschoolers.
  • He secured funding to begin the Black Belt Teacher Corps program at the University of West Alabama.
  • He served on the board of the national Network for Public Education and now serves on the board of the national Rural Schools Collaborative.
  • He raised money to fund a grant program for Alabama schools through the Rural Schools Collaborative.
  • When a tornado hit Phil Campbell elementary, he took the school a truck load of classroom supplies.
  • When the principal of an inner-city school told Larry her school needed a shower because many students came from homes where the water was turned off, he raised money for a shower.

We need Larry Lee.

Larry Lee has a passion for public education.  He has done education research, raised money to

help schools, been in classrooms from one end of Alabama to the other.

And at such a critical time for Montgomery schools, we need board members who have proven their passion.

Larry always stands for those who matter most—the students.

He was recognized by the Council for Leaders of Alabama Schools (CLAS) with the James Street Award “in recognition of lifelong work to ensure quality education for the children of Alabama.”

Larry visits schools and listens to educators.  He knows there are no “quick fixes.”

Who Is Larry Lee?

He writes the state’s number one education blog, Education Matters ( which has more than 250,000 views a year.  He calls for common sense approaches to solving education challenges—not fads and quick fixes politicians often want.

Larry has shown his concern for public schools, teachers and administrators.  He believes the real education “experts” are teachers and principals—the voices we too often ignore.


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