Your trusty and ancient blogger will be AWOL for several days as I head for the frozen tundra of Madison, WI,  The purpose in going is to attend a meeting of the Wisconsin Public Education Network Dec. 7.

This is basically a collation of local public school advocacy groups.  I hope to have the opportunity to pick the brains of some folks and determine what put the “bee in their bonnet” to work on behalf of their local education community.

I have scratched my head many, many times wondering why we don’t have locals who are willing to do their homework and call for accountability from local and state officials in some organized and coordinated way on behalf of their local schools.  If there is such a group, I’ve not come across their tracks.

Sure, we get upset and sit around and bitch, but what good does that do?

I’ve gone by the tire store and made sure each tire is up to the trip.  Even got a brand new battery because the last thing I want is to be in a motel parking lot when it is 20 degrees and the car won’t crank.  Even got some new socks that look like they can keep my feet warm.

So keep your fingers crossed for this traveler and hold down the fort while I am away.