Seems that me and this high tech world are always bumping heads.  Or about the time I get something figured out, something happens to upset my apple cart.

Have mentioned before the email issue with this site.  See, if you look on the right hand side of a blog post, there is a place to subscribe so that you will get an email at 9 a.m. when something new is on the blog.  But something disrupted this feature and no one could figure out what happened.

Until hopefully yesterday when someone discovered that this function on MailChimp had been deactivated.  So it was turned on again.  And so far from reports this Sunday morning (January 22) it seems to be back in service.

I appreciate your patience.


Thanks to the many, many folks who paused to wish me a Happy Birthday yesterday.  This was humbling and meant a great deal.  My son wanted to know how it felt to be 74 and had to tell him that he would have to give me a few days to come to a decision since I’ve never been this old before.


What in the world is the commotion about how many people attended Donald Trump’s coming out party on Friday?  It is expected that kids in kindergarten squabble about who has the most toys or books or afternoon snacks.  But the President?

This episode speaks volumes to me.  And does not give me comfort.


Speaking of the new President, I heard him Friday night bragging about his nominee to be Secretary of Agriculture, former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue.

He repeatedly said that Sonny is a farmer and understands agriculture.

First thing I thought about was why he didn’t apply the same standard to Betsy DeVos, his nominee for Secretary of Education?  Does Trump think cows are more important than children?

Editor’s note:  Decades ago I lived for one year in Perry, GA.  Became great friends with Richard Talton and his family.  He was a dairy farmer.  Sonny Perdue was his nephew involved in agribusiness at the little community of Kathleen, south of Warner Robins.  Like me, Sonny had lots more hair then than he does now.