The state school board, on a 5-4 vote, selected Eric Mackey as the new state superintendent April 20.  Mackey is the one-time superintendent of the Jacksonville, AL city system and has directed the School Superintendents of Alabama for several years.

Craig Pouncey, Jefferson County superintendent and Kathy Murphy, Hoover superintendent, were also interviewed.  A fourth candidate, Robert Scott of Texas, withdrew.

Those voting for Mackey were: Governor Ivey, Betty Peters, Jeff Newman, Mary Scott Hunter and Cynthia McCarty.  Pouncey got support from Jackie Zeigler, Ella Bell, Stephanie Bell and Yvette Richardson.  Murphy did not receive any votes.

At the end of the process, Ella Bell questioned why Mary Scott Hunter was allowed to participate in the selection process since she is being sued by Pouncey for alleged misconduct in the 2016 selection process.  No one responded to Bell.

Immediately after the vote, I was contacted by a number of local superintendents expressing their surprise in what happened.  They had all watched the interviews and could not believe Murphy did not get a single vote after what they considered to be an excellent presentation,.  I have to agree.

I wish Eric well as he begins this new journey.