Yesterday I posted this in response to an article on something known as Yellowhammer News.  But before i began writing I sent the article to a number of educators in Alabama and asked for their comments.  And did they comment!!

Many responses were used in yesterday’s post, but there were so many I wanted to share some of them as well.

A superintendent, “No where in this article does it mention the lack of leadership we’ve had in the state department in the last year.  This, plus the lack of communications, is destroying education in this state.  If they don’t act now, we may end up so far out of control that it will take years to be fixed.”

Retired educator, “Someone should ask people at the state department what a joke this ‘strategic plan’ is.”  Veteran educator, “As for improving Alabama’s standards and assessments, that effort is going backwards, not forward.”

Superintendent, “After nearly a year on the job, I have no idea where Sentance stands on anything.  All he talks about is what the did in Massachusetts 20 years ago.  He has no respect for work going on in Alabama.  There are more systems that need help than just Montgomery, why are they not getting financial help?  Other than two former superintendents, I could not pick out a member of his senior level staff in a police line up.”

School board member, “I do not read this blog.  It’s bought and paid for.” 

Veteran educator. “Progress in Montgomery?  Says who?  Too much unnecessary money spent.  The contract for Class Measures was ridiculous and unneccessary.  (Class Measures is a consulting firm in Massachusetts that got a $536,000 contract to review Montgomery schools.  Sentance once was involved with them.)  Several people at the state department are well-trained in how to do instructional audits, but Sentance wanted a consultant.”

A superintendent, “At this point the divisiveness at ALSDE is a barrier to progress.  Professional relationships must be established upon a foundation of mutual respect nd trust.  These elements are missing under the current leadership.  Public education in Alabama is in a very precarious position right now.”

And a Montgomery principal, “Wow.  Was totally dumbfounded when I read this article.  Stunned.  What world are these people living in?”

Of course, it didn’t take long for the usual cast of characters to jump on the Yellowhammer bandwagon.  Like the Alabama Policy Institute parroting the entire list of false Yellowhammer assertions.  And Quin Hillyer, who once told an audience of which I was part of, that he was an “award-winning” journalist, (well so am I, but I don’t go around telling others how wonderful I think I am).wrote an article telling folks to read Yellowhammer’s fake news piece.

And why am I now thinking about the old joke about going to a family reunion to look for a date?

I concluded yesterday’s post by suggesting that the author of this article contact former Teacher of the Year Jennifer Brown at Vestavia Hills high school and ask her to arrange a visit for him.  However, today Jennifer told me that she has contacted him several times in the past through both email and Twitter and got no response.

Obviously then, his stated concern for our school kids has no more substance than the list of attributes he claims for Mike Sentance.