“Amendment 1 proposes to amend the state’s constitution to replace the state’s elected school board with a board made up of appointees, chosen by the governor and confirmed by the state Senate.

Proponents say this will give the board stability and help improve education.

What we see, however, is yet another move to diminish the power of voters and centralize power in the governor’s mansion. No one can deny Alabama’s education system needs improvement, but we doubt this move will deliver improvement.

True, the state went through three education superintendents in rapid succession because of infighting among state school board members, but the board members behind that are no longer in office. The current political process did its job.

As it is, the state school board gives Alabama parents the most direct say possible in the shape of the state’s school system, without the governor and the Legislature acting as middlemen.

Changing the state school board is no substitute for what schools really need: proper funding and as much local control as possible within the bounds of civil rights law.

For that reason, and for keeping power with voters, we recommend voting “no” on Statewide Amendment No. 1.”