The daily newspaper in Florence is paying attention to the hue and cry of educators across the state about the infamous RAISE Act being proposed by Senate majority leader Del Marsh.  And they have sounded their own concerns about this legislation is this editorial.

Among the newspaper’s more pertinent points….

The good news is that it would provide pay increases for teachers hired after May 1, 2017. The bad news is that teachers who opt out of the performance salary schedule must forfeit their tenure protection. That sounds too much like coercion.

Marsh said earlier his goal is accountability and better student performance. Those are goals anyone can support, but how those goals are achieved require more thought. He said he wants to attract more people into the teaching profession, but his proposed methods might actually turn some away from teaching.

There also is concern that placing too much emphasis on performance could have a chilling effect on teachers sharing successful teaching techniques with each other.

Public education is an ongoing, evolving discussion that does not need sudden changes. Teachers need support — and a pay raise — not overly aggressive merit evaluations that could drive good as well as bad teachers away